Avira Phantom VPN Review

Avira Phantom VPN Review

Avira is a Germany-based software company that launched a Phantom VPN in March 2016 for Windows and Android. In June 2016 they also added this service for iOS and OS X platforms. The Phantom VPN has free and paid subscription plans and currently provides servers in 25 countries. So, let’s take a look at features of that relatively new service in this Avira VPN review.

Avira Phantom VPN application for Mac

The Phantom VPN client can be easily downloaded from the Avira’s website for free. You will be able to use 500MB of free data per month without any registration. If you logged in with a Google or Facebook account, or have created an Avira account, you can use 1GB of free data per month.

The application for Mac looks like a small window, where the usage of your traffic and the virtual location are shown. Click on the green button “Secure my connection” to start your online activity protection, or click “Disconnect” to stop it.

You can select a virtual location, activate sending Diagnostic data, and Launch on startup in the Settings menu of the app. There are no extra features for managing your preferences.

Is Phantom VPN safe?

There is information on the Avira’s website, stating that the Fail-safe (“Kill Switch”) and Domain Name System (DNS) leak protection are active while you are using the Phantom VPN. The DNS leak test indicates that there is no DNS leaking. This means that third parties, including your Internet Service Provider, can’t identify which web pages you visit.

The Fail-safe feature is available in the Avira Phantom VPN Pro paid subscription plan. This option blocks your Internet connection if the VPN connection drops.

The Phantom VPN uses the AES 256-bit key encryption, which makes your data unreadable for the third parties.

Avira VPN Speed test

Among the 25 possible locations, the UK, the US, Germany, Australia and Hong Kong were checked by the Internet speed test for several days. Unfortunately, the download and upload speed were almost twice lower in comparison with the speed without the Phantom VPN in these locations, except for Germany.

The real IP address was successfully changed for a server’s IP address in these locations. But the BBC iPlayer wasn’t available with the UK IP address, regrettably.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to find out the server’s load within the app or on the website, in order to select the better option. As a result of the speed test over the course of several days, the Phantom VPN has provided a satisfactory Internet speed, sadly.

Phantom VPN pricing

Free plan

Monthly plan, $10.00 Annual plan, $78.00 Monthly plan, $5.99
500MB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Mac, Windows, iOS and Android Mac, Windows, iOS and Android Mac, Windows, iOS and Android iOS and Android
Automatically secures untrusted networks, DNS leak prevention, Killswitch, Tech support Automatically secures untrusted networks, DNS leak prevention, Killswitch, Tech support Automatically secures untrusted networks, DNS leak prevention, Killswitch, Tech support

free vpn

Avira Review Conclusion

The Avira Phantom VPN is the simplest VPN service that we have tested until now. Basically, the average user needs to select the virtual location and easily connect. But today, the online market is aggressive and such tools, like ads, trackers blocking or malware blocking are useful and lots of free and paid VPNs provide them. Nevertheless, the Phantom VPN has some great benefits. It allows you to use the app on as many devices as you wish.

For the paid version, you have to enter your real name to create an Avira account, but for a free version, you don’t have to register at all. A free 500MB of data per month is not much, but you can use it for checking your emails while traveling overseas, or surfing the net while using a public WiFi in a cafe to keep your data safe.

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