Hotspot Shield Review

Hotspot Shield Review

hotspot shield

It’s true- current technologies save a lot of time. If you’re in need of specific information, it is very common to surf the net on a smartphone. You also do not have to actually visit a store for shopping or go to a bank to pay bills. You can do all that in just a few clicks.

The more time you spend on the Internet, the more seriously you should think about protecting your personal information as it becomes vulnerable when you are online. For this reason, more and more people have begun using a VPN on their devices. The Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a technology that protects your online activity.

There are plenty of VPN applications presently and it may be difficult to choose which one is the most suitable for you. In our previous articles, we have reviewed eight VPNs that provide a free trial. Today we are going to take a look at Hotspot Shield VPN and tell about its features, pricing and safety.

What Is Hotspot Shield?

First, let’s have a look at the main facts about Hotspot Shield VPN:

  • It provides more than 2500 servers in 25 countries all over the world.
  • It supports macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android platforms and provides an extension for Chrome as well.
  • It uses a high-grade encryption.
  • It supports streaming and torrenting.
  • It offers two subscription plans: Free and Premium (it is called Elite in the App Store).
  • It stores some user information.

Given these points, the Hotspot Shield is a VPN service that allows you to choose one of the 2500 servers and change your real IP address. This means that your real IP address will be hidden. Hence, no one can identify your online location or activity. You can launch it on your laptop or smartphone and protect your data while using the Internet anywhere. So, if you want to access some geo-restricted websites, you can do it with a VPN. Besides that, you can use torrents and watch streaming channels. A VPN encrypts your personal data; thus your credit card details, name, and other sensitive information will be protected.

Is Hotspot Shield Safe?

While most VPN services use OpenVPN or IKEv2 security protocols, Hotspot Shield VPN uses its own proprietary Catapult Hydra protocol. This protocol establishes a fast Internet connection, especially for long-distance connections. It also uses AES 128-bit and 256-bit key encryption, which makes your transmitted data unreadable for third parties. Together these options provide a secure Internet connection.

How to Use Hotspot Shield VPN?

The Hotspot Shield application has a simple interface. Just launch the app and click the ON button to establish a connection.

By default, you will be connected to the USA virtual location. If you wish to change a location, click on the Globe icon on the right and select a country. Unfortunately, you cannot select a specific city. But, Hotspot Shield uses a dynamic IP address, so your IP address changes each session.

Click on the Question Mark icon on the right to open the Help menu. There is lots of useful information there.

If you wish to access your Account information, Settings or Personal data FAQ, click on the Hexagon icon on the left.

Hotspot Shield Torrent

You can use your torrent client with the Hotspot Shield VPN freely. The speed of the connection depends on various factors, including your internet service provider’s bandwidth. Generally, the closest server to your current location provides the best connection speed. The Hotspot Shield app displays your current virtual connection, the time of the particular session, and the download and upload speed of the location. So, you can select the location that best meets your requirements for torrenting.

Hotspot Shield Streaming

Due to geo-restrictions, some streaming channels may be blocked for you when you are abroad. If you want to watch your favorite movies, news, sports, and other streaming videos while traveling, use a VPN. With the Hotspot Shield, Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, YouTube and other popular streaming channels work well in the different parts of the world.

Hotspot Shield Subscription Plans

A free subscription plan allows you to use only one virtual location – the USA- with the 500MB of data per month. However, it is not completely “free”. Free plan users see advertising, and some of the users’ information may also be collected. Read the privacy policy carefully to find out more.

The Hotspot Shield Elite subscription plan provides access to 25 locations with unlimited bandwidth. Paid plan users will not see ads. This plan also includes the ability to connect up to five devices to one account. You can purchase it for:

  • 1 month – $12.99
  • 6 months – $53.94
  • 1 year – $71.88
  • 3 years – $125.64


VPN Hotspot Shield provides a good connection speed. It also meets satisfaction for torrenting and streaming. The number of servers covers all continents, which allows you to virtually travel the world and change your real IP address. It uses its own proprietary Catapult Hydra security protocol with 128-bit or 256-bit key encryption, which secures your transmitted data while you are online. As well as in the case with other VPN services, we advise you to read the Hotspot Shield Privacy Policy carefully. You can try it for free first and then make a decision whether to purchase it or not.

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