Opera VPN Review

Opera VPN Review

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Lots of us have heard about VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology and applications. For those who have not tried a VPN yet, I’d like to share my experience of using Opera VPN in this post. It seems to be a handy service for novice VPN users, well-suited for basic online actions, like googling, emailing and chatting.

One of the main reasons why people are using a VPN is that they want to hide their real IP address. And here is why. On one hand, some countries prohibit the use of foreign websites, due to internet censorship. On the other hand, some online services limit access for foreign users. A VPN allows you to change your real IP address, which can enable you to visit any website that was previously restricted due to your location. So, you can use a VPN for online security and surf the net without restriction.

Opera Free VPN

Opera is a free browser that you can download and use on your device. Opera introduced a built-in browser VPN service in September 2016, which is also free to use. In December 2017, they announced an update that the VPN service will be moving to the Opera data center from a third-party resource, which is expected to increase the VPN’s performance. They also mentioned that users will choose a region of virtual location, instead of a certain country.

Opera VPN for Mac

The Opera Browser VPN is available on different computers, smartphones, and tablets. It is easy to use. In this article I shared my experience of using an Opera built-in VPN on my Mac. If you have not used the Opera browser before, you can download it from the official website.

  1. To start using the Opera VPN, launch the browser. 
  2. Open the Preferences section in the browser’s menu bar. In the next moment, the Preferences page will be opened in a new tab. 
  3. Select the Privacy & Security section and click on it. 
  4. Scroll down and find the VPN section. Tick Enable VPN and Bypass VPN for default search engines
  5. The VPN icon will appear in the search bar next to the website’s name. Click on it – it is the Opera VPN menu. There are four possible virtual locations: Americas, Europe, Asia and Optimal.

The Opera VPN menu window also shows:

  • Whether the VPN is turned on or off
  • The amount of data transferred during the current month
  • A virtual location section to choose the VPN server region you would like to use
  • The Opera preferences button

Online Test of the Opera VPN

The first thing which I was curious about is the bandwidth of the Internet connection. I used a website speed testing tool, and found that the difference was small and didn’t affect my online activity.

Opera VPN is Off    

Opera VPN is On

Secondly, I wanted to change my IP address. I’ve heard that the NBC video content is not accessible in Asia. I selected Asia and clicked On. The real IP address was automatically changed to an Asian IP address. So, the last episode of The Voice, for example, was not available in this location.

Then I selected Americas to change the IP address and watched the video. Unfortunately, in my case, the access was denied. The Americas location could be in Canada (the homeland of Opera), or could be in the USA/ Mexico/ Peru, but I wasn’t able to choose a specific country and test it.

So, if you need to change your IP address to a more specific location, you should try another VPN service.

So, what can you get with Opera Free VPN?


  • A good speed connection
  • Your local web traffic encryption
  • Advertising block and the removal of ad-tracking features
  • Wi-Fi network’s security level scanning (for Android only)
  • Your real IP address change
  • Ease of use without any registration


  • No torrenting
  • Works within the Opera browser only

free vpnOpera VPN: Conclusion

Overall, Opera as a VPN browser is good enough for simple things, like googling or chatting on social media. The bandwidth of the Internet connection is good for a quick look for some information on the net, or if you need to change your IP address in case of a SEO research in different locations. However, since it is a free browser VPN, and the number of users may drop the connection, using it for online banking is not a good idea. If you need a  more stable and secure connection, it is better to use a paid VPN service.

The Opera VPN seems to be a VPN service worth trying for those who spend the most of time online surfing the net. If you are going abroad and not sure about the access to a certain website there, download an Opera browser VPN in advance. It will only take a few minutes of your time but will save time later.

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