SurfEasy VPN Review

SurfEasy VPN Review

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According to the latest news, the Opera VPN app is going to terminate its’ service at the end of April 2018. But they will not leave their users without another option. The SurfEasy VPN will take care of Opera Gold users, as they are able to redeem a SurfEasy VPN Ultra subscription plan for 1 year for free. The other Opera users are able to redeem an 80% discount on SurfEasy VPN Total subscription plan. So, let’s take a look at this VPN service, its subscription plans, and features in this SurfEasy VPN review.

What is SurfEasy VPN?

The SurfEasy VPN is a Canada-based service that started their company on a Kickstarter with a Plug in Privacy (a USB key with a custom software) in 2011. It is now a part of the Opera Software company. Today they offer applications for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android and Amazon, and extensions for Opera and Chrome.

This VPN service provides over 1000 servers in 28 countries for Ultra plan users, and in 16 countries for Total and Free plans users.

The SurfEasy VPN uses a bank-grade encryption; in other words, it is the highest 256-bit key cryptographic method of Advanced Encryption Standard for today. It also uses an OpenVPN protocol, which is secure and works with the multiple platforms. These specifications signify that your personal data is unreadable for the third parties and your Internet activity is safe while being online with a VPN.

On the official website, there is little information in FAQs, but you can contact the support team by phone or email.

SurfEasy VPN for Mac

The free SurfEasy app for Mac can be easily downloaded from the official website. The interface of the SurfEasy Mac app is simple. It looks like a map, where your virtual location and virtual IP address are shown. The map is not interactive, but you can select a location from the list on the top right corner. You can check the usage of data, earn more data, or upgrade to a subscription plan. With the free plan, users can use 500MB of data per month and change their real IP address to the server’s IP address in 16 virtual locations.

There is also available an app for Mac on the App Store. You can try it for free during the 7-day trial period. The Mac version of the SurfEasy app has a different interface and features. There are no data limits. You can create a list of Favorite locations. In the Preferences tab, you can activate the Tracker blocker and Wi-Fi Hotspot protection.

Note that the free trial expires in 7 days, and your iTunes Account will be charged USD $4.99 each month. So don’t forget to cancel your subscription if you have decided not to use this VPN client.

SurfEasy VPN for Chrome

The SurfEasy Chrome extension is easily integrated into the browser. The extension’s window shows your data usage, virtual location and IP address. The free plan provides 500MB of data per month. If you use the same account, you will share this free 500MB of data between the desktop app and the extension.

Is SurfEasy a good VPN?

At the most basic level, a good VPN has to provide a secure encrypted connection to protect your personal data and change your real IP address to unblock online services and websites. But it is better to have a high-speed connection as well. The VPN SurfEasy has provided a high speed connection in the SurfEasy Optimized virtual location, but in Canada and Japan, for example, it was sometimes extremely low during the several days of testing.


Starter Total Ultra
500MB per month Unlimited data Unlimited data
16 countries 16 countries 28 countries
 – Tracker blocking Tracker blocking
 –  – P2P/Torrenting
Free USD 4.99 USD 11.99


  • The SurfEasy VPN provides over 1000 servers in 28 countries.
  • SurfEasy supplies their users with a strict no-log policy.
  • It uses the bank-grade encryption and OpenVPN protocol.
  • SurfEasy VPN supports P2P/Torrenting.
  • SurfEasy Optimized location gives a good connection speed.
  • The app provides simultaneous connection on five devices.


  • 500MB of data per month in the free Starter plan only.
  • No tracker blocking in the free Starter plan for apps available on the SurfEasy website.
  • Torrenting is available on the app that was downloaded from the website, not from the App Store.
  • The connection speed  is unstable.
  • No “kill switch” option.

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The SurfEasy VPN free plan provides 500MB of data per month with a good speed connection in the Optimized virtual location. Unfortunately, a free plan doesn’t supply torrenting and ad blocking. However, the VPN SurfEasy can be launched on multiple platforms and has browser extensions. Thus, it is a good option for travelers who want to stay secure and get access to geo-restricted websites during a short vacation. Remember that your personal data may be vulnerable, because it is easier for hackers to steal your credit card details or your social security number through the public Wi-Fi. So, don’t forget about your online privacy in public places and use a VPN.

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