TunnelBear Review

TunnelBear Review

what is tunnelbear

It seems that the user’s privacy protection is going to be a hot topic for a long period. That’s because of the latest news about Facebook and the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

We don’t want third parties to go snooping around our online activity without our permission. So, using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a reasonable way to keep your privacy, while being online today. But for those who have never used a VPN before and are not ready to pay for this service, there are VPNs with free plans.

TunnelBear is one of the VPNs that provides free and paid plans for their users. In this article, we will share a TunnelBear review and answer all your questions about this service. We’ll take a look at TunnelBear VPN for Mac, what features it has and what subscription plans it provides.

Some facts about TunnelBear VPN:

  • The TunnelBear VPN is a Canadian-based service.
  • It provides connection to the VPN servers in 22 countries.
  • It works with multiple platforms: iOS, Android, Mac OS, and Windows.
  • It has Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browser extensions and Blocker for Chrome.
  • It has a strong privacy policy with no logging.

How to use TunnelBear VPN?

You can start using the TunnelBear VPN on your device for free. To begin, just download the application from the official website or on the App Store.

The interface of this VPN client looks like a small window with a funny bear, that creates tunnels to a certain location. Select any location from the list or select one on the map and click the white round button on the top left corner to create a secure connection.

The TunnelBear free plan allows you to connect to all locations, but you have a limit of 500MB per month. Sharing a tweet about the app can give you an additional 1GB of data for free.

Is TunnelBear safe?

It is important for any VPN service to provide the most highly secure connection. The TunnelBear team is the first to have “completed the Consumer VPN industry’s first 3rd party, public security audit” in 2016 and 2017 and published them.

The TunnelBear VPN service uses strong AES 256-bit encryption. It also uses OpenVPN or IKEv2 protocols for Windows and Mac OS, OpenVPN protocol for Android and IPSec/IKEv2 protocol for iOS.  

In the settings menu of the application, you can find extra options for better security. There is a Vigilant Mode, that blocks all unsecured traffic, in case your connection drops for any reason. The GhostBear mode makes your encrypted data less openable to third parties, including Internet Service Providers (ISP). But this extra tool can make your connection speed slower.

Moreover, the TunnelBear VPN protects their users from DNS (Domain Name System) leaks. So, your ISP can’t see what websites you may be visiting.

TunnelBear browser extension

The TunnelBear has one more free service – a browser extension, that is simply integrated into your browser. You can start protecting your browser traffic by clicking on the bear icon in the top right corner of the browser’s window. There is a list of 20 virtual locations and the On/Off button. This free extension provides 500MB of data per month. If you use the same account for the desktop app and the browser extension, you will share the free 500MB per month for both services.

TunnelBear Blocker

It is a great free tool without limitations for the Chrome browser. The TunnelBear Blocker prevents online tracking:

  • Scripts and Trackers
  • Fingerprinting
  • Ads
  • Malware
  • Email tracking
  • Flash
  • Social Buttons
  • Ultrasonic

tunnelbear app
So, using this tool with both the Chrome extension and the desktop TunnelBear app serves to increase your privacy online.

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With the TunnelBear free plan, you can get a good speed of Internet connection. It depends on the remote location of the server. The Auto mode connects you to the closest VPN server that could provide a better connection. But if you have to change your IP address for any reason, or you need to get access to a geo-restricted website, you may face the lower internet connection speed.

Unfortunately, the free version provides only 500MB of data per month. In other words, you can watch 20 YouTube videos, or spend 25 hours on Facebook, or listen to 125 tracks on Spotify. Alternatively, you can pay USD 9.99 every month or USD 59.88 annually and surf the net unlimited.

Anyway, the TunnelBear Blocker for Chrome is awesome. If you use another browser, it is worth trying to use Chrome browser for this free useful tool.

I strongly encourage you to protect your privacy and keep your personal data from third parties. As we do so many things online, caution in choosing online services is not enough. It is better to use a VPN client as well. Among the VPN services, TunnelBear seems a good one for a novice user with its user-friendly VPN client.

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