Windscribe VPN Review

Windscribe VPN Review

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What do I use a VPN for? For me, it is a bridge over an internet censorship and geo-restricted content. Also, it is a way to stay private while being online.

One of the free VPN services, which everyone can use, is Windscribe VPN. In this post, I want to share bits of my experience about this VPN application.

About Windscribe or Is Windscribe Free?

The VPN Windscribe is a Canada-based VPN service. It offers free and paid app versions for Windows, macOS, Linux operating systems, and free extensions for Chrome and Firefox on the official website. I’ve downloaded the Chrome Windscribe extension and a free Mac app. To start using this service, you can create a Windscribe VPN account without any personal data or email address.

Windscribe VPN for Chrome

This free VPN browser extension provides connection to 11 locations and 10 GB of data per month. So, you can connect to different continents, change your real IP address and surf on the net freely. Furthermore, there are extra benefits you can get from the VPN’s “hamburger” menu → Privacy Options:

  • Anti-social option- disables tracking social media websites you visit and reporting your online activities
  • Untraceable option- prevents known ad beacons and trackers to path websites you visit.
  • Ad Blocker- blocks advertising on pages you visit.
  • Split Personality- rotates your user agent.
  • Cookie Monster- removes cookies when a tab is closed.

Is Windscribe Safe?

There is also a Secure.Link Generator in the Windscribe VPN “hamburger” menu. This tool allows you to create secure links right from the browser by making a right click on the link. It scans the destination page for known trackers and ad beacons and shows you the result.

How Good is Windscribe?

The Windscribe free VPN for Chrome is a good tool for browsing data. It is better when your internet traffic isn’t under control of known trackers, ad beacons or social media. For added protection, the Windscribe creators advise using a desktop app as well.

Windscribe VPN for Mac

The desktop app protects all data sent or received through the software on your computer while the VPN is turned on. The Windscribe VPN provides an AES 256-bit key encryption.

Windscribe Torrenting

There are 50 locations for a virtual connection, and 11 locations among them are available for a free plan. You can do torrenting/file sharing, except locations in which the 2P2 icon is crossed out (Japan and India currently). There is also a Windflix US location for Netflix fans.

How to Use Windscribe

The desktop app looks like a small window, which shows your current virtual location, IP address, Firewall option, apps menu and the ON/OFF button.

The Firewall can automatically stop your connection when you aren’t connected to the VPN.

You can choose from 11 location. The VPN client also offers the best location, which is closest to you geographically. Due to a high demand for the free VPN service, the bandwidth may be weak. As a result, the speed of the Internet connection in some locations is slow.

However, this speed is enough for using email clients, cloud storage like Dropbox, messenger clients, surfing the net, and watching videos on YouTube.

The Windscribe app’s Preferences has several sections, where you can change your Connection Modes, API Resolution, or create a Proxy server for other devices, like TV or game console, on your network.

If you want to get access to all 50 server locations, unlimited bandwidth, and a higher VPN speed, you should choose a PRO plan for USD $9.00 per month or USD $49.00 per year.

Windscribe Features Table


Chrome extension Free  plan Pro plan
Price free free USD 49/year, USD 9/month
Virtual locations 11 11 50
Bandwidth 10GB 10GB Unlimited
Simultaneous connections Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Firewall yes yes yes
Ad, Tracker and Social Network Blocking yes no no
P2P yes yes yes
Encryption AES-128 AES-256 AES-256 Generator yes no no

What I liked and Disliked in Free Plan

What I liked 

What I disliked 

Free 11 locations Low speed in some locations
Chrome extension extras 10GB per month
No personal data is required for registration Not clear logs policy
2P2 Not stable connection


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Today we are in closer touch with each other more than ever before, thanks to the Internet. We read news as soon as they appear, do shopping, online banking and many other daily tasks. We can stream every single moment of our lives to every part of the world, and to our family and friends in different locations. I suggest you use a Windscribe VPN client for free as it provides the following benefits:

  • Access to geo-restricted websites by changing your real IP address.
  • Blocking advertising, ad beacons and trackers.
  • A Secure encrypted connection.

These are the basic needs of an average user. Besides the interface of the Windscribe free VPN, it is user-friendly and configurable in a few minutes. This can be a handy tool for those who are planning an overseas vacation and need 10GB of a free VPN service for two weeks.

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